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Horns for Grinny Grandad

It’s always nice when something you have recorded gets released. I transcribed, arranged and recorded the horns on this funky track by Grinny Grandad. Alto and barytone by me, trumpet by Bob and trombone by Barnaby Davies. If you need horns for your song get in touch!

Listen to my CD’s

I’ve updated my CD page with players for some of the CD’s I produced. Come on over and have a listen at My CD’s. If you buy the recordings from the provided link (all mp3’s, some actual CD’s) you will be supporting me and by co-musicians in the best possible way, with the least money going to “the man”…

Feel free to share the players as well.

Review of Fred Kinbom’s EP

Fred Kinbom’s new EP “Quit My Job” has been released and I’m on it. Both musically and photographically. For some reason all of the bands I’ve played have chosen not to have a band pic on the cover so this is actually the first time my face is used to sell something. Well apart from ABBA the Show of course but then it’s my face just because it looks a bit like Benny’s. Anyway, the EP got a really brill review at whisperinandhollerin, go check it out!

NACOA Charity single release

NACOA Charity single

It’s on iTunes and CD Baby! The charity single I have worked on with Maria McAteer, that is. The song is a version of Sam Cooke’s classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” and features Maria’s gourgeous vocals, my tinkling piano and beautiful strings played by the Stanford Quartet, humbly arranged by yours truly. All the money made from the sales of this single will go to the charity NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics). Among many other things they provide a helpline for children with alcohol dependent parents to call if they need someone to talk to. I think it’s a wonderful cause.

Line Up by Ian Stephenson

line up CD front cover

My friend Ian Stephenson have finally finished his solo album “Line Up” that has been eight years in the making. I met Ian when I went to Newcastle in 2006 and I recorded some soprano sax on a jazzy polska he had written. Well, that track “Coming Home” is included. The music on the CD is based in Celtic folk with lots of Scandinavian influences. You can get it here on Ian’s site.