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Listen to my CD’s

I’ve updated my CD page with players for some of the CD’s I produced. Come on over and have a listen at My CD’s. If you buy the recordings from the provided link (all mp3’s, some actual CD’s) you will be supporting me and by co-musicians in the best possible way, with the least money going to “the man”…

Feel free to share the players as well.

My Friend Lester

My wonderful wife got all creative when we got back from our honeymoon and wrote an amazing play about the music and relationship between Billie Holiday and Lester Young. She’s Billie and I’m going to play Lester! It’s probably the first time the world sees a Swedish, bearded Lester Young. It has been so interesting doing the research for this. I have dived deep into his music and I feel like it has made my own jazz playing better. What a great man!

The show has so far only one performance, 3 August at the Jive Monkey in Brighton. Get your tickets here!

NACOA Charity single release

NACOA Charity single

It’s on iTunes and CD Baby! The charity single I have worked on with Maria McAteer, that is. The song is a version of Sam Cooke’s classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” and features Maria’s gourgeous vocals, my tinkling piano and beautiful strings played by the Stanford Quartet, humbly arranged by yours truly. All the money made from the sales of this single will go to the charity NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics). Among many other things they provide a helpline for children with alcohol dependent parents to call if they need someone to talk to. I think it’s a wonderful cause.

Maria McAteer slow release

I’m currently working on a slow release of singer Maria McAteer through singles on CD Baby. What I mean by slow release is that we will release the album one song at a time instead of putting it all out in one go. It all ties together with videos on YouTube as well. So far two songs have been released for purchase and three videos are up on YouTube.

Maria McAteer: Baby


Maria McAteer: Her Night At Noon - Single

Colourless Rainbow

Brighton sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby”!

Or rather, Brighton mimes to Maria McAteer’s voice and my piano playing. We felt it was time to do a cover and played around a bit with Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”. What we came up with is quite different from the original. So, what to do for a video. Well, we wet down to the Meeting Place and asked people passing by if they’d like to mime a phrase from the song. They were wonderful. All different sorts agreed to do it. 3 hours later we had the fifty lines and just needed to add them together and sync them to the track. A few more hours (the rest of the night actually) was spent pasting in and time stretching clips and we had something. It’s up on YouTube, have a look and a listen!