In the Bow

This is a saxophone improvisation I made over a simple synth loop. I added the pad harmony and bass afterwards when I realised it was a tune. 🙂 It describes the feeling I had as a little kid lying in the bow of my dad’s boat, singing over the drone of the outboard engine.

The house of the man who painted the sea

I’m very excited about being part of this project! Get your tickets now!

Extraordinary theatre in a unique space

There’s something Pollock in his application of paint, a touch of the Izzard in his gadding, a big dose of Mother Teresa in his care of the vulnerable and minority cultures and a slither of Cruella de Vil when he loses his cool. Thank you to ticket bookers for the August production inspired by eccentric recollections of Alia Aivazovsky on his celebrated grandfather Ivan, stowed in drawers in Paris and London.
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My Friend Lester in West End and Frome

I am very proud to announce that the jazz musical “My Friend Lester” about the relationship between Billie Holiday and Lester Young will be coming to The Jermyn Street Theatre, London June 11 and The Merlin Theatre in Frome June 16. The play is written by Maria McAteer and she plays the part of Billie Holiday and I play Lester Young. We also have the incredible musicians John Donaldson on piano and Simon Thorpe on double bass.

Nicoletta Filella – Verso (Tango in New York)

As I wrote in my last post, it’s lovely when something you’ve recorded has been released. This one is a little bit old but it deserves a feature. Nicoletta has recorded a beautiful album called “Altre Me” and I play on a fair bit of it. There’s also a lot of fantastic performances of other Brighton musicians on it as well as an incredible track with the Kocani Orkestar. Here I play barytone sax and clarinet. I just wished I had been flown to New York to record the music video 🙂