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Review of Fred Kinbom’s EP

Fred Kinbom’s new EP “Quit My Job” has been released and I’m on it. Both musically and photographically. For some reason all of the bands I’ve played have chosen not to have a band pic on the cover so this is actually the first time my face is used to sell something. Well apart from ABBA the Show of course but then it’s my face just because it looks a bit like Benny’s. Anyway, the EP got a really brill review at whisperinandhollerin, go check it out!

First gig with Fred Kinbom

I met up with the amazingly talented slide guitarist Fred Kinbom last Sunday and 5 days later we did our first gig. Not the last I hope. The magic was instant! We played at the Moulettes release party in Brighton and were joined by Matthew Gest on accordion and Olli Austin on drums. All of the night was great, with an incredible puppet show, Liz Green‘s marvelous voice and of course heavy medieval acoustic folk rock with the Moulettes. A bit of our show was filmed and here’s a treat for you all:

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