I am a Swedish musician/composer/educator/actor currently residing in Hastings. I have a Master of Education in Music specialising in Jazz Saxophone from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. I play a number of instruments, all sizes of saxophones (I own soprano, alto, tenor and barytone), all sizes of clarinets (I own soprano Bb and A, alto and bass), piano and keyboards and I also enjoy playing Flute, Ukulele and Accordion.

I am a founding member several bands. My Friend Lester Quartet – a swing band that grew out of the play My Friend Lester – The Musical Romance of Billie Holiday & Lester Young. Nybakat! is a Swedish/Israeli modern jazz quartet who I have toured Sweden, UK and Israel and recorded 2 albums with. I was also a founding member of world music group Lele Lele and recorded the first album with them and toured Sweden and Bulgaria. I left the group in 2009 when I moved to the UK but they are still going strong.

I am also a member of the swing bands Harry’s Tricks and The Magic Number, London based function band Bloomfield Avenue, the improvisational group The Adventurists and psycho rock band MynieMoe. You might also occasionally see me swing my horns with Flash Mob Jazz and the Swing Ninjas.

Since 2002 I have been working with The Show – A Tribute to ABBA (formerly ABBA the Show), first as saxophonist/2nd keyboard but since 2008 I have played the part of Benny Andersson, playing 1st keyboard/piano and singing. The show has toured all over the world. Some notable gigs are at the Hollywood Bowl, The Royal Albert Hall, O2 Arena Hamburg, Sao Paolo city festival to 80.000 people.

Apart from playing music I also very much enjoy composing in various genres, from jazz via instrumental folk to pop. Several of my compositions have been released on albums. I do arranging for various groups, mostly horn arrangements but also for string quartet, woodwing quintet, choir, big band and miscellaneous ensembles. I have also experience in transcribing music and preparing sheet music using Sibelius.

My father was a teacher and I think sharing the knowledge of music is in my blood. I have around 15 private students that I teach piano, clarinet, saxophone and music theory. I am currently looking for more students in the Hastings in area so please get in touch if you are interested.

I have a music studio in my home and I record music there for a range of different artists. Lately I have been doing a lot of work for house producer Low Deep T, afro-disco-pop sensation Speelburg and blues rock singer Indus Rush. I would love to add my flair to your recording. Get in touch!

Select discography

Who’s Harry, Harry’s Tricks 2015
clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone. Composition “Heading To Ship Street”. Horn arrangements.

Do Ya Hallelujah, The Swing Ninjas 2015
clarinet, bass clarinet

Zim Zam Zim, Arthur Brown 2014
clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, barytone sax

Pearl of a Girl, Chris & Mick Jagger 2014
Barytone sax

Constellations, Moulettes 2014
Bass clarinet

Myniemoe EP, 2012
clarinet, barytone sax

Stop Killing The Jazz Man, The Swing Ninjas 2012

Quit My Job EP, Fred Kinbom, Sotones 2011

Line Up, Ian Stephenson, 2010
Soprano Sax

The Little Orchestra, Rosie Staf, Seed Songs 2009
Clarinet, Accordion, Vocal.

Happy Land, Nybakat!, Mindoors music 2010
Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Clarinet. Compositions ”Flamencophone” & ”Den Sista Isbjörnens Dans”.

Aching For More, The Domestic Bumblebees, Enviken Records 2009
Tenor sax, Baritone sax, Piano

Nybakat!, Nybakat!, Mindoors music 2008
Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet. Compositions ”Midsommar I Lingbo” & ”Siselspett”.

Lele Lele, Lele Lele, DartBird music 2009
Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Vocals. Compositions ”Cogs & Gears” & ”Det Är Nyttigt Att Vänta”.

Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings, Tunes From The Big House, Heptown Records 2008
Tenor Sax, Clarinet and all horn arrangements. Composition ”4 Girls”

The Aches, The Aches, Diapazam Records 2003
Saxophone and Piano

Keep On Doin’ It, Blues Addiction, Scana 2003
Tenor Sax and horn arrangements