Paul Desmond and MJQ

I just had to share this!

The very reason I wanted to be a jazz musician was that my parents had a single of Take Five and Paul Desmond’s alto sound just blew me away. He said about himself: “I have won several prizes as the world’s slowest alto player, as well as a special award in 1961 for quietness.” One of the few jazz alto saxophonists who didn’t base his playing on Charlie Parker but rather Lester Young. Well, all of that has recently come into my mind as I have portrayed Lester in “My Friend Lester”.

While looking around the internet this morning I found this incredible gem. A recording of Paul Desmond together with the Modern Jazz Quartet. Listen and enjoy!

Paul Desmond

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Bloomfield Avenue photo shoot


Bloomfield Avenue band photo
Bloomfield Avenue



I play keyboard and saxophone in a band called Bloomfield Avenue and we just did a photo shoot. Looks pretty good, if you ask me. 🙂 You can see us goofing around a bit on a Vine I made. I’m not in that since I’m behind the camera. Anyway, the music is all the hits from the 50’s until today. Check out the web site and like on Facebook.

As a bonus I got some solo photos as well. Here is an example:

Björn Bloomfield shot

Voodoo Love Orchestra

Photo Thomas Brajter
Photo Thomas Brajter

I’m playing with a new band – the Voodoo Love Orchestra and I love it! We are 10-15 wind players and 3 percussionists playing Voodoo inspired music from Africa, South America, New Orleans and other places. An amazing face painter makes sure we have the right skullfaces on. You can catch us at The Blind Tiger Club in Brighton 24th Jan or 25th Jan at Movimientos in Bethnal Green.

Israel Tour with Nybakat!

It’s time to play some jazz again! My beloved jazz quartet “Nybakat!” are doing a tour in Israel after a little warm up gig in Café Mazarin in Bro, Sweden. We have been invited by the festival Jazz Globus in Jerusalem and has tagged on a little tour with gigs in Tel Aviv and Mitzpe Ramon as well. Have a look at the clip below from a concert we did in Sweden Summer 2011.

I’m off to Russia!

To be Benny again with ABBA the Show. I know this confuses the people who knows me as a jazz saxophonist and folk clarinetist but I am a musician who wears many hats 🙂 Except Benny doesn’t wear a hat. And I’m not even wearing a wig since my hair is cut just the right length… Tour schedule on the right and a promo video for he show below.

My Friend Lester

My wonderful wife got all creative when we got back from our honeymoon and wrote an amazing play about the music and relationship between Billie Holiday and Lester Young. She’s Billie and I’m going to play Lester! It’s probably the first time the world sees a Swedish, bearded Lester Young. It has been so interesting doing the research for this. I have dived deep into his music and I feel like it has made my own jazz playing better. What a great man!

The show has so far only one performance, 3 August at the Jive Monkey in Brighton. Get your tickets here!