Brighton Beam radio show

You might notice a new item in the top called Brighton Beam radio show. I’ve been doing this music discovery show together with Maria McAteer for a while now: It all takes place at every Wednesday between 3-4pm. I’ve put all the shows we’ve done so far there and I’ll keep adding them as we go along. You can listen on the archive pages on bhcr but it’s a bit complicated finding this show there. Here’s this week’s show: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Brighton Beam Show 7 Mar 30 2011″ dl=”1″]

If you are in Brighton this Sunday, do come and see me at the Mesmerist 3:30-6:30 as I’m playing my clarinet with the Magic Number. It’ll be a nice old swing set. Here’s a pic from last week:

The Magic Number

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