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Brighton Beam radio show

You might notice a new item in the top called Brighton Beam radio show. I’ve been doing this music discovery show together with Maria McAteer for a while now: It all takes place at every Wednesday between 3-4pm. I’ve put all the shows we’ve done so far there and I’ll keep adding them as we go along. You can listen on the archive pages on bhcr but it’s a bit complicated finding this show there. Here’s this week’s show: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Brighton Beam Show 7 Mar 30 2011″ dl=”1″]

If you are in Brighton this Sunday, do come and see me at the Mesmerist 3:30-6:30 as I’m playing my clarinet with the Magic Number. It’ll be a nice old swing set. Here’s a pic from last week:

The Magic Number

Lele Lele on Spotify

I’ve been waiting over a year but finally it’s there. There were some technical issues behind the delay but now you can enjoy the debut album of Lele Lele in it’s full glory if you have Spotify. If you don’t you just have to get it from CD Baby or iTunes. The band is touring Finland and Sweden this summer but since I’m not in the country I won’t be joining. I wish them the best of luck and please try to see them if you’re anywhere near. It’s a unique experience! Check tour dates and info at

Back from Brazil

The tour of Brazil is over and it was amazing. Thank you so much to everyone for all of their hard work and to all the fans who came and saw us. When we played at Virada Cultural in São Paulo they say 75 000 people listened! That’s so far the biggest gig of my life. Now it’s back to a smaller scale but with music that lies very near to my heart, namely “Her Father’s Daughter”. I hope to see you at Bradshaw’s basement in Brighton 11 June.